Mitchell County Public Library

Your Library Card

Library Cards:

  1. Borrower must present his/her card to check out materials.
  2. Borrower is responsible for all books charged against his/her card.
  3. Borrower should notify the library immediately of a lost card. There is a $2.00 replacement charge for a new card.

Visitor Cards:

  1. Library staff will retain visitor's card.
  2. Visitor is limited to checkout of 2 items.


  1. First time borrowers may only check out 2 items. Thereafter there is no limit on the number of items checked out, unless the librarian sees a need to limit.
  2. Books, audio books, and CDs will be loaned for a period of 2 weeks, and they may be renewed for an additional 2 weeks (by phone if desired) on or before the due date, with the exception of reserved materials.
  3. Books can be returned through the book drop on the north end of the building.
  4. Library reserves the right to limit or discontinue service because of (1) disorderly conduct, (2) overdue materials, (3) willful damage of books and property.
  5. Checkout service will be suspended to any person willfully holding materials and/or refusing to pay damages.
  6. Parents will be responsible for the transactions and behavior of their children 17 and younger.
  7. When fines total $5.00 or more, no items can be checked out or other library facilities used until fine is reduced below $5.00.


  1. Items should be returned on time and in the same condition as they were checked out.
  2. Overdue fines-- $.10 per business day per book, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
  3. Book drop available on north side of building. CDs, audio cassettes, videos, and DVDs may be returned in slot by front door.
  4. Fines will be charged for lost or damaged materials. Current price will be charged regardless whether the material was old. Refunds will be made if materials are found and returned in good condition.

Videos and DVDs:

  1. Patron must be 18 years old to check out these items. Checkout is for 2 days with a limit of 2 items per household.
  2. The late charge is $1.00 per item per day,  excluding holidays and weekends. There is a charge of $.50 for not rewinding videos. Video fines must be paid prior to more video checkouts.
  3. There items may be returned through the slot located by the front door. Do not put videos and DVDs in book drop. Fine for returning these items through book drop is $1.00.