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Mitchell County Public Library

Global Village

Global Village

Cultural Diversity

Native American Research

Various websites about Native American tribes and life.

More Native American Research

More Native American information

African American Heroes

Explore the lives of African American Heroes. From National Geographic.

Africa for Kids
 From DK Find Out. Learn more about Africa. 

Wonders of the African World
Prepare for an interactive journey across the globe as you begin your Quest for the Magic Calabash. Before going, create your own Adinkra cloth to wear, decorated with the traditional Ashanti Symbols.


Learn more about Asia

My Hero
Who are your heroes? Explorers, Writers, scientists, and … dogs? Check out these people who have had a powerful impact on those around them and have helped shaped our world into what it is today.

Native American Lore
Collected lore of several tribes

Lakota Legends

Legends and information about the Lakota Tribe

Our World 

Traveling Around the World
(The Greatest Places?) Spend the night in a space hut on the world's largest island. And listen to the call of a lemur or the hiss of a giant cockroach on Madagascar.

Peace Corps Kids World
What is the Peace Corps? How can I make a difference? Read about how kids like you are making a difference across the globe.

Kids Recycle
Learn what others are doing to reduce waste. Make a poster, or create your own logo to promote recycling in your area.